Bid Book

Read our Bid Book Cultivating Curiosity, with which we successfully applied in the first round of candidacy for the European Capital of Culture for 2026.  


In addition to the team members themselves, thousands of citizens, artists, consultants, associations and organizations are behind the creation of the Bid Book. We want to thank them very much for their involvement.

Discover the 5 goals of the Cultivating Curiosity project:

Trenčín Matters in Europe & Europe Matte

We want to put Trenčín on the map of Europe in the minds of Europeans.

Trenčín Matters in Europe & Europe Matters in Trenčín 


We want to support civic cultural activites and participation od inhabitants in cultural creation with a focus on participation of the groups with difficult access to a culture. 

People Matter in Trenčín  

People Matter in Trenčín_WEB.png

We want to build sustainable and creative capacity in Trenčín.

Culture Matters in Trenčín 


We want to cultivate public space and institustions. 

City Matters in Trenčín  

City matters in Trenčín.jpg
Nature matters in Trenčín_WEB.png

We want to create developement to the ecological dimension of cultural and creative work. 

Nature Matters in Trenčín