Theatre at train stations
in the Trenčín region

At seven railway stations in the Trenčín region on Wednesday 13.10. and on Thursday 14.10. the culture came directly to passengers and passers-by.

A popular actor and native from Trenčín, Pavol Seriš, performed a part of his author's comedy  “At the cash desk” in the premises of the stations in Trenčín, Trenčianská Teplá, Púchov, Považská Bystrica, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Partizánske and Myjava.

What was it good for?

The theatres at the station mirrored the programme of Trenčín's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture. They aimed to show that:

  1. In the project, we consider it important that culture comes closer to the people and that art uses public spaces.

  2. We are also planning events where people who wouldn't normally go to see art will encounter it. This turns passers-by into an audience that has the opportunity to experience that culture is for everyone. 

  3. If Trenčín wins the title, it will also affect the cities in the Trenčín region. Cultural events tailored to the needs of the citizens will be created there.

  4. Trenčín has what it takes to become the European Capital of Culture 2026 - it is already in the final round together with Nitra and Žilina. The result of our joint efforts will be known in December. 

Photo credits:
Juraj Majerský, Martin Kovanič