Cultural Ambassadors Trenčín 2026

Cultural ambassadors dedicate their time, energy, goodwill and talents to educating society about the goals and program of the City of Trenčín as a candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2026.  

They are active citizens from various communities in the city and the region, who participate in the candidacy with the Trenčín 2026 team in terms of information, organization, capacity and opinion.  

Become a part of a unique cultural and transformation process that will forever change our city and region. This honorary title will be awarded to active citizens who are loyal to the communities and European values they uphold. For more information contact:


Patrik Kubizna

Representative of young people in the cultural and creative industries

Trenčín became his love when he studied at the Secondary Art School (Today ŠUPTN). Otherwise he comes from Podvysoká, a small village in the north of Slovakia (Trenčín Region).  


In high school, he devoted himself to photography and video production. After activities in the school student council, he began to organize activities for young people. This resulted in cooperation with O.Z. TRAKT, where he still works today.


The organization of culture interested him so much that he decided to continue studying film production at university.  He loves culture and education, which she often combines naturally in his projects. He likes new things, so he is always open to new collaborations.


Jana Poláková

Senior representative

Senior of the year, who is still moving in the cultural sphere. The secretary of LK Omega, which she founded 25 years ago together with the writer Ján Maršálek and the writer Rudolf Dobiáš.  


She works in the Union of Women, the Union of Pensioners of Slovakia, the Committee of the Regional Organization JDS and the Academy of the Third Age, the MR Štefánik Society - Trenčín Branch, the Committee of the Trenčín Branch of the Slovak Writers' Associatio.  


For years, she has been helping to implement Jozef Branecký's nationwide literary competition, "The Well is Secretly Talking to the Rain".


Trenčín is her hometown and she believes that energy, goodwill and love for Trenčín will help achieve: "Trenčín - European Capital of Culture".


Diana Gerbocová

Representative of children with disabilities

She currently works as a "Coordinator of individual activities and inclusion", a lecturer of special educational activities, a speech therapy preventer at the Secondary School. At the same time, she established and works in practice as a lecturer at the Krtko Education Center.  


The center tries to help children, pupils, parents of children with various difficulties and disabilities. She herself is handicapped, so she perceives this activity as a mission. She also participates in research and development of applications and aids for people with disabilities. At the same time, she is the president of o.z. Educational center KRTKO and his friends. She is a successful graduate of first-level university education at FZ Tnuni, currently an ending student of a single-subject study of psychology in a program focusing on individuals with disabilities at the Faculty of Education, Charles University BA. She is an active member of the Association for Career Counseling and Career Development.


She also participates in the creation of concepts in various areas focused mainly on children in kindergarten or people with disabilities. She also acquired many enriching skills as a volunteer in CŠPP or CPR Trenčín.


Terézia Dominika Lukáčová

Representative of young people in the non-profit sector

Co-founder and leader of the educational organization I AMbitious, whose main program is the annual development I Ibitious Academy - a non-formal education program for active high school students who want to find out what they want to do in the future, create interesting projects and connect with inspiring people and organizations in Slovakia.  


Co-founder of the online development platform, which connects and develops people through interesting opportunities from various organizations, companies or the public sector across the whole of Slovakia.


Terka is also a graduate of the Nexteria Leadership Academy and the creator of the online program Nexteria Lab.  


Her passion is innovation in education and the development of opportunities for young people in all regions of Slovakia.

2. Čech.JPG

Patrik Čech

Representative of marginalized and disadvantaged groups 

The city of Trenčín has known since birth. He lives with his family and works all his life in it. The nature and character of his work, initially as a city policeman, later a field social worker and currently the head of the social affairs department of the city of Trenčín, allows him to meet in different parts of the City with different age categories of people from all social groups.  


He studied andragogy and social work, which is a basic prerequisite for how to communicate properly and help solve the often difficult life problems and situations of the most endangered inhabitants of the city.  


As culture is not just about art and presenting its creative ideas, but also allows people to communicate and connect with each other, it actively supports the idea of the city of Trenčín and its candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture.


Jaroslava Kašičková

Representative of leisure centers

She is the director of the Leisure Center, which is a modern school facility, the aim of which is to create a safe place for educational, hobby and recreational activities of children, youth and adults in their free time.  


Each year, it provides regular activities of approximately 60 departments of interest in the field of sports, culture, technology and languages ​​for more than 350 members.  


As part of occasional activities, it organizes events aimed at developing the acquired knowledge and skills, such as competitions, trips, excursions, workshops, children's performances at various events, professional seminars, creative workshops and of course the annual daily city camps during spring and summer holidays.  


Another activity of CVČ is the organization of approximately 104 district, district and regional rounds of subject olympiads and sports competitions for about 5700 primary and secondary school pupils, educational programs with non-traditional forms of education for kindergartens and primary schools and project management and preparation.


Michal Kišš

Representative of high school students


Student of the Ľudovít Štúr Grammar School, co-organizer of the Gympelrock student festival, co-founder of the Mám Orech project.  


He enjoys all the exact sciences, dominated by the trio of computer science-mathematics-physics, and plans to keep this direction in the future. In his free time he likes sports, he has been doing karate for years, now he has moved to fitness or spending time with friends.  


He devotes a lot of his time to education, developing himself or his surroundings, so he focuses on volunteer and educational activities such as IAMbitious, futureton, Gympelrock, Mám Orech.

Ma_ria Chasni_kova_ - foto, Ka ndidatúra mesta TN, AUG21.jpeg

Mária Chasníková

Representative of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic


Currently with the rank of "captain", who was enchanted by the city of Trenčín - a city with a rich military history, a city of many generals, a city that "commands" its subordinate military units throughout Slovakia.  


She is pleased with the reputation of the soldiers and how their professionalism returns to them in the form of trust in the people of Trenčín. Mária found her new home among the blossoming cherries in the old Trenčín housing estate, surrounded by her favorite sculptural and other works of art from the post-war construction period.  The council laughs, collects old things "with a story", but above all the council meets new inspiring people and visits traditional - non-traditional places.


Lili Jiang

Representative of culture minorities

Lili Jiang has been living in Trenčín since 2018. She was born and raised in Sichuan, China. Before moving to Trenčín with her husband she had studied and worked in the United States, Sweden and Germany as a Chinese teacher to internationals. This summer (2021) she finished her PhD in Sinology in Germany.


Lili Jiang’s passion is to learn about different cultures and traditions in our world. She believes that “The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”. She says that the diversity of culture is something we should not only accept but embrace with full heart. 


In her opinion, Trenčín is a wonderful city with cultural diversity. A city which provides people with peaceful space to enjoy, to reserve and also to create diversity.


In her spare time she enjoys learning Slovak and playing Chinese music.

mario barinec.jpeg

​Mário Barinec

Representative of social work

Mário Barinec works in the Social Services of the City of Trenčín, specifically in crisis intervention facilities for people in need. When meeting clients, he focuses on their motivation to find resources that may help them restart their lives.


He studied social pedagogy. He has a long career working in the civil service. In the social field, he volunteered and organized various charity collections for people in need.


Mário loves his hometown and tries to make Trenčín visible by participating in various projects. He likes to meet inspiring people and he is pleased that he has met many participating on projects to support Trenčín's candidacy for the European City of Culture 2026.


He believes that interesting ideas, creative people and realized events will not go unnoticed and will move Trenčín to the first place in the candidacy.


Gabriel Chromiak

Representative of families

Trenčín is a city that changed his life, mainly thanks to God and the people he met there. He comes from the capital city, which left him only a "white heart". He and his wife Dáška moved to Trenčín 22 years ago and are raising four children.

He likes John Goodman's quote, "To make a marriage work, you have to fall in love many times, but always with the same person."


He graduated as a nurse and social worker. These humanities fields are also close to his heart because he enjoys building relationships and helping others. What he has most at heart are families and marriages, engaged couples, young people, but also seniors.


He was at the birth of marriage meetings in Trenčín, in which he is actively involved. Thanks to this community of families, six years ago the Centre for Family Trenčín (hereinafter referred to as CPR) was established, of which he is a co-founder. CPR supports families - complete, incomplete, happy or in crisis. It contributes to the rediscovery of real values in families, motivates to full relationships and lends a helping hand to people in difficult life situations.


Gabriel Chomiak believes that Trenčín will seize the unique opportunity to become the European Capital of Culture 2026, because this city and its people offer a huge potential to bring culture not only to society, but also to interpersonal relations.


Zuzana Ševčíková

Representative of volunteers

Zuzana is the statutory representative and coordinator of TNDC - Trenčín Volunteer Center, where she supports volunteering and networking. Also,she connects potential volunteers, provides service and advice.


Her heart beats for the work with young people through the civic association TeCeMko - Trenčín Youth Center. TeCeMko provides informal education for young people in various programs - prevention of socio-pathological phenomena, career counseling and teamwork. So called “Tímovačky” offer the development of teams and individuals with focus on students of primary and secondary schools and topics such as values, prejudices, motivation, conflicts. At the same time, TeCeMko provides accounting services for NGOs because, as Zuzana says: “We need these resources to survive, because we do youth work for free”.


Zuzana is a social worker with her heart and soul as she graduated from this field and basically, it is who she is. In her 30-years practice, she has already experienced various social groups, social phenomena and problems.


In the city she believes will be the ECoC, because it has many beating hearts for this purpose. 


Milan Hanuliak

Representative of skate community

He comes from the town of Martin, but has lived in Trenčín for 8 years. He works as a facility manager and in his spare time he tries to get involved in activities he cares about. Such as culture in Trenčín, freestyle sports and the skateboard community.


Milan also has his own online skateshop and plans to open a brick-and-mortar store in the future. Because he would like the skateboarding community in Trenčín to grow, the shop would also be a place where young skaters could meet. "Skateboarding is already an Olympic sport," Milan explains, adding: "I believe that Trenčín could raise talented athletes in this sport as well."


Milan Hanuliak works closely with the Trenčín 2026 team to organize events at the Garage in the skatepark - another way he contributes to the development of the freestyle sports community.


Erika Topilinová

Representative of high schools

Trencin is a matter of Erika's heart. She was born here and graduated from the Ľ. Štúr grammar school. After graduating from university in Russia, she returned to Trenčín. This is where her family, friends and work are.

Erika is a teacher of English and Russian at 7th Elementary School in Trenčín, where she has the opportunity to work with young people and help to shape them.

She enjoys travelling, getting to know new places, people and cultures. She likes to attend cultural events organized by the city of Trenčín. She enjoys watching how the city is changing, gaining a new identity, facing new challenges and connecting generations.



​Ľubomíra Dunčáková

​Representative of special pedagogy

For many years she has been working as a psychologist, where she meets not only children and their parents , but also teachers and other professionals. For her, the helping profession of psychology takes on a literal dimension, as her aim is to help. She sees her work as a mission.


In addition to her position as head of the Centre for Special Education Counselling in Trenčín, she is also a lecturer and speech therapist at the KRTKO Educational Centre. She is a founding member of its civic association. She also works as a school psychologist in a private kindergarten.

Being a Cultural Ambassador is an honour for her. She sees Trenčín as an exceptional place where she would like to give every child, parent, and person the opportunity to be a part of it. She appreciates the openness of Trenčín for all and the opportunities it brings. Just take advantage of them!

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Matúš Martiška

Representative of college students

Matúš is a recent college graduate. He is studying programming and application development at Masaryk University in Brno. Although he started his studies in the Czech Republic, he plans to return to Trenčín and work as a programmer. His hobbies are volleyball, programming, computer games, reading. He has also applied his talents at the Slovak Senior Volleyball Championships and the Slovak U18 Beach Volleyball Championships.


During his candidacy, he became a Cultural Ambassador and one of the main faces of the Saturday on Sunday campaign. He was involved in the cultural activities of the Saturday on Sunday project, involving his friends and brother. The Trenčín 2026 production team also used his help for the Garage.


Sophia Tisová

​Representative of college students

Sophia joined the Trenčín 2026 team in order to help in the process of the city's candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture. She has always wanted to be part of a community of people who care about their city and want it to thrive. In the team she tried leading focus groups and later worked for four months as a production assistant on artist Kateřina Šedej's project Saturday on Sunday.


In the team, she got to know Trenčín from a different angle, through the testimonies of people from different Trenčín communities. She found that although they had different opinions, they all agreed on one thing. They wanted Trenčín to be the best city to live in.


Sophia is an external student at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Previously, she studied international relations in Banská Bystrica for three years. She likes to get to know other cultures and traditions, but she always likes to come back to her hometown and with the experience she has gained, she tries not only to make Trenčín better, but also to be a better Trenčín citizen.


Adam Šalát

Representative of college students


Adam is a current student at the University of Economics in Bratislava and a graduate of the Piarist Grammar School in Trenčín. During his studies at the grammar school, he graduated from the I AMbitious Leadership Academy, within which, with the support of a mentor, he launched his project - the Square TV instagram platform. Square TV brings local news from the Trenčín region in a form that is interesting for young people.

Adam Šalát not only reports on Trenčín 2026's activities via Square TV but also helped to promote Kateřina Šedá Saturday on Sunday project. He was managing the project's Facebook page, which still serves as an overview of dozens of activities with double experiences.

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Peter Štuller

Representative of urban visual communication

Peter Štuller is a graphic designer, illustrator & street-art painter. In his opinion, Trenčín is a beautiful town with a rich history, even in graffiti and street art, mainly thanks to various groups that have been active here for the last 30 years. There are places and legends in Trencin that can come to life through sensitively placed street art.


„If Trencin becomes a European Capital of Culture, it has great potential to make progress in the field of urban visual communication.“

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Cultural ambassadors

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Snímka obrazovky 2021-12-09 o 10.38.13.png

Cultural ambassadors

More ambassadors soon.