Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejka ArtD.

digital artist, co-founder of non-profit association TRAKT,

art director of the Festival of light and shadow


“Trencin is the city - the place, where I live, where I create and where I always love to come back to.”

Lukáš Matejka is a multilateral artist, founder, coordinator and curator of an international Festival of light and shadow, project Videoart match and a creative member of non-profit association TRAKT. In 2016, he successfully completed the Phd. in Free fine arts program at the Faculty of fine arts in Banská Bystrica, where he also worked as an external teacher. He lives and creates projects in Trenčín and Banská Bystrica. His projects are often signed by the author’s pseudonym - Akjetam product. In the beginnings of his creative life, he focused mainly on the medium of painting. Gradually he moved from a static image to a moving one, using video art. He has been working intensively with new media forms since 2006 - firstly in the Digital media studio of Doc. Michal Murín, ArtD. His production is dominated by work with a process, which the author himself emphasizes. In the creative production he focuses mainly on contemporary forms such as video, short film, net-art, multimedia projects, interactive installations, performances, VJ and graphic design. He regularly applies the found-footage technique to all of his projects, not only film works. In terms of content, he deals with social research, contrast in the life of a man and nature, intimacy, perception but also opposites, such as multi-layered critique of war and institutions. Since 2008, he has been an active member of the international film festival Cinematic Pieštany, where he curated the Videoart section.


Why should Trenčín become the capital of culture?

“As one of a few European cities, Trenčín has a unique connection of the forest - city - water (Brezina - city center - Váh). These three elements are interconnected and have a huge potential. It is art and culture that provide innovative impulses among residents and tourists. Creative projects activate the general public to search, discover and find new relations between the citizen and public spaces. The ECOC project intertwines several types of arts (multi-genre) and provides viewers, artists and creatives with the opportunity for generous realization and mutual inspiration.”