Mgr. Mária Dutková

organiser of the HoryZonty Adventure Film Festival


"Trenčín is my life. My family, my friends, my work. It is the city of my first love stories, of exploring the taste of real life, of unforgettable experiences and memories. I can feel the soul of the city beating inside me for more than fifty years, I look up to it and have an exceptional relationship with it. It’s here where I am truly happy..."


Mária Dutková has intertwined her life with sports. By profession as a PE teacher, and by her hobbies as an active climber and occassional runner, biker, skier and swimmer. For many years, while she had to devote her time to raising her children and caring for her family, her only dose of adrenaline and a taste of adventure was when she was screening her friends diapositives on the wall of her living room. She has been taking in all those breathtaking performances of mountain climbing, enjoying all the photos of exotic regions, admiring them and dreaming...


It was around this time, that a thought of doing something more with these intense experiences was born. And so, in 2006 she has found herself organising the first year of the HoryZonty festival. A festival, which offers the spectators a unique content that allows them to submerge themselves into the soul of active athletes, to be a part of their superhuman performances, to see them overcome their own limits, and to witness forgotten and unknown corners of the world through films, presentations, exhibitions and workshops. Unexpected, highly positive response of the audience and hunger of the local audience for this kind of culture had made her and her creative team work even more intensively and creatively. The result of this fifteen year-long activity is a successful outdoor festival that has a strong and steady place in the cultural world of the city and region.


Why should Trenčín be a city of culture?

"I believe in Trenčín and trust the potential of the determined, creative, inspirational and motivating locals of Trenčín. I believe in their ability to create a space for a quality life for all of us. I trust the taste of small communities as well as the unquenchable energy of traditional cultural groups and associations. I believe in the symbiosis of artists from various genres and generations that can communicate and create something together. I believe in us.“