Help us communicate our dreams more further! Team Trenčín 2026 Candidate for European Capital of Culture is looking for a Marketing manager, who knows what to do and what is needed to attract various kinds of audience (and best in a most accessible way as possible). Thanks to your work everybody will know about Trenčín 2026, you will help to create new ideas, find and work with new partners, create crazy marketing and promo ideas not only in the city of Trenčín but in the whole Europe.

The position contains:

  • Prepare and implement the marketing and PR strategy and communication goals for Trenčín 2026 together with Artistic director, Executive director, Outreach manager, International manager and other team members

  • Set up and lead the communications team of Trenčín 2026

  • Prepare and monitor the marketing budget for Trenčín 2026 marketing campaigns in a given year. 

  • Preparing communication campaigns through all channels / web, newsletter, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, tiktok and others with focus on accessible communication and deploying successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution 

  • Realising online and offline events with audience, professionals, artists 

  • Building strategic relationships and partnership with key industry players and agencies 

  • Working with national and international partners 

  • Representing Trenčín 2026 at international travel conferences 

  • Looking for more opportunities to show off Trenčín 2026 in the world 

  • Administration of the website 

  • Writing and finding more opportunities to write PR articles, newspaper (online / offline) articles 

  • Communicating with the media 

  • Creating, overseeing and approving marketing material, from website banners to hard copy brochures and case studies with graphic designer 

  • Researching and analysing market trends and competitors 

  • Measuring and reporting on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals

  • Finding marketing ambassadors

  • Processing ECoC jury visit in December with all necessary things around (visual material, communication, live plan) 

  • Processing final ECoC hearing in front of joury 

  • Processing event for final result announcement for winner of ECoC (public event)

Required skills:

  • Demonstrable experience in managerial marketing position for at least 2 years with the attitude required to learn

  • Maintains excellent writing and language skills both in English and in Slovak (English level on C1)

  • Proven experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively devising and leading across channels marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate

  • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) 

  • Solid knowledge of Wordpress, WIX websites editors

  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online and offline marketing 

  • Experience as a Online and social media maker

  • Administration of photoshop, illustrator and video editing program

  • Interest in art, culture is appreciated

  • Attention to details

  • Very well organised and working towards deadlines in a busy workload

  • Ability to conduct a self coordinated research

  • Great personal and communication skills




- full time / contract, according to agreement 

- 1600 Eur / brutto full time

To express your interest please send a CV and a cover letter up to 1xA4 by 30th of April to