Štefan Oliš

Mgr.art., teacher at ŠUP Trenčín, artist, co-founder of non-profit association TRAKT


„Trenčín is my hometown, where I live since childhood. My strong connection with the city is mostly thanks to my grandma who was born in Trenčín. All my life I am learning about its history and evolution which means I know it by heart. Few years I lived in different slovak and foreign cities but Trenčín always have been and still is my ,,base camp''. Trenčín has an enormous potential and I care lot about its progressive development.“


Števo is a member of non-profit association TRAKT, founded in 2009 by him and his friend and classmate from high school Lukáš Matejka. Their base is in Trenčín but projects have no strict location and often are international. TRAKT in mainly focusing on digital art but also contemporary dance and education. Within the association he participated on many events, festivals, workshops and projects. He is teaching on ŠUP in Trenčín, where he likes to connect art activities with his students. After high school he worked as a graphic designer, later he studied at Pedagogic faculty in Trnava and digital media at Academy of arts in Banská Bystrica. He also tried to work with finances. His strong suit is to be able to connect sport, culture and other communities, not only in Trenčín.


Why should Trenčín become the capital of culture?

“I feel like Trenčín is progressive city with convenient location, size, full of greenery which makes it ideal for life. There are interesting cultural communities and individuals. The biggest disadvantage is that they work separately on their own missions without connections, networking and cultural infrastructure. Demand for culture is bigger than the supply because of missing organisation and support. ECoC could be the catalyst to set common goals and a proper vision..”