Erich and Šimon Vladár

Erich Vladár, teacher and musician, co organiser of jazz life in Trenčín

Šimon Vladár, student, musician, talented bass guitar player


"It is castle over the city, Váh, railroad bridge, Cherry garden and city forest Brezina, square full of people, neighbourhood Soblahovská and Sihoť with blossoming cherries, statue of fork in front of Prior, covered church stairs leading to the most beautiful view from Parish church and but most importantly it’s people on the street, students on terraces and stairs, children, parents and grandparents walking around, friends and unknown people who smile at you every now and then or just walk by. "

More than 20 years Erich is part of Trenčín jazz scene. He co-created Jazz festival of Trenčín, some music projects (Aurelius Q, BlueBerryBand, LadyMoon...), he is playing on concerts at cafes, recording in studio or composing music. He also likes art exhibitions and concert and is passionate about conversations about music, literature and football. 


Šimon started his music path in band called Avivage, later continued in neopost-funky formation Ticho. As a member of the band The Youniverse he traveled beyond the borders of Trenčín. You can see him on concerts and festivals or at award ceremonies all around Slovakia and Czech republic. 


Erich and Šimon is a music project, crushing generation and genre differences to find its own space-time.


Why should Trenčín become the capital of culture?

It is a good place for life from the prehistoric age till now. Why? Books and poems are written, images are painted, music is composed, magazines are published, small and bigger festivals are organised and the wine is drunk on the exhibitions. People like to meet and talk about everything. Trenčín is a small young town, sometimes full of energy sometimes sleepy. Everybody wants to come back and not only after Pohoda.