Vlado Kulíšek

Artist, mime


"I have been living in Trenčín for the most of my life. And even though I was not born here, I consider myself a true local.  That is also why I talk about my city everywhere in the world where I go. That is also why I decided to contribute with my activities in the area of culture and arts exactly in Trenčín. I believe that by doing that I am helping in making this a pleasant city to live in for every local and a city that people from other cities and countries would like to visit. Trenčín is in my opinion the most beautiful city in Slovakia. "


Vlado Kulíšek was born in 1960. Since childhood he devoted himself to art and culture, even though he graduated from Military College. He became professionally engaged in culture already in the army and fully developed in that area after the end of his military career. In doing so, he managed to combine acquired organizational skills and artistic vibes. He has been a professional pantomime artist since 1991.


He performs about 200 performances annually, both in Slovakia and abroad, which he also manages himself. With his theater, he successfully performed basically all over the Europe, but also in places like Vietnam, China, USA and so on. In addition, he is still actively organizing cultural events in Trenčín, as well as in other regions of Slovakia. He founded Sám na javisku (Alone on the Stage) theater festival, took part in the birth of the Trenčín jazz festival and after the abolition of the Municipal Cultural Center he has taken charge of organizing the classical music festivals Trenčianska hudobná jar (Musical spring) and Trenčianska hudobná jeseň (Musical fall). In addition, he also participates in screenwriting and directing of various events organized in Trenčín. Since 2014, he co-organizes a night-time acrobatic, light and fire show called Príbehy z Trenčína (Stories from Trenčín), where dozens of performers perform. At the same time, Vlado Kulíšek is also an author of numerous books used as models for various theatrical plays, as well as a screenwriter and a director of the whole project. 

This vigorously active artist is also involved in many humanitarian and charitable activities. He is a founder and an administrator of the foundation Nadácia Počuť srdcom (Listen with heart), which deals with hearing-impaired children throughout Slovakia. He also regularly organizes a beneficial concert for them under the same name. He also took part in the foundation of the dr. Klaun fund, which organizes theatrical performances for long-term sick children in various institutions, hospitals and similar facilities. He is an artistic director of this project since 2003 and organizes monthly performances throughout Slovakia. Since 2011 he has also been collaborating with an international humanitarian service called The Oneness- Heart- Tears and Smiles, and as a part of this project he has performed for sick and disabled children in many places such as Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia or Russia.

Why should Trenčín be a city of culture?

"Trenčín is an exceptional and unique city even by european standards. It has its incredible history and a huge potential thanks to its location by the river. There are many skilled and active people working here that are creating a number of cultural values, which are however often fragmented, without a unified vision and cooperation. I believe that by being awarded the title of ECOC our city could get a new dimension, thanks to which Trenčín will become a true cultural metropolis."