Mgr. Zuzana Vakošová

co-founder of the Srdiečko maternity center, founder of Zero Waste Trenčín,

co-organizer of the


“Trenčín is the city of my childhood, since I had my grandmother here. I have spent my summer holidays on Štefánikova street, when it was still an ordinary road, waving at soldiers in the barracks and sledging around Kukučínka in the winter. And then, life happened and arranged it for me that I got married. I have a kind of easy – serious relationship with Trenčín. We got used to each other very easily, and we seriously like each other. For me, this city is a mixture of retrospective and lifelong optimism, lovely places, people and activities. A pleasant city to live in. ”


Zuzana is a teacher of mathematics, biology and english language. She has three kids, who were also one of the reasons for her co-founding of the Srdiečko maternity center. She loves to stay active both physically and psychically, she just can’t stay still doing nothing. A few years ago, she and her family decided to embark on the journey of reducing their household waste, the so- called zero waste way. You could say she has found her calling, as in addition to teaching in school she now also actively spreads knowledge of the „green“ way of living. Together with her eldest daughter she has founded and leads a community called Zero Waste Trenčín, together with other activists she has opened the Library of Things, and she co-organizes the DOKOLA swap (a clothes exchange event). She likes to talk about zero waste wherever they invite her, she writes, blogs, and makes videos. She has a serious relationship with good music, and good relationship with a more serious, classical music. She likes traveling with minimum of things, leaving minimum of waste behind.

Why should Trenčín be a city of culture?

"Most definitely yes. Gradually, a quality community mycelium has grown in the city, from which great activities and events are beginning to spawn. There is a growing connection between the individual social and cultural entities, from which locals and occasional visitors can profit. You need to come and experience it yourself."